Classroom Activities Based on Belonging

Handling Different Emotions


Print and then cut out the emotions cards. Next, fold each one in half and place them in a small box.

Students sit in a circle and then take turns picking an emotion (e.g. bored, happy, etc.) out of the box. Once a selection has been made, it’s a bit like Charades. No one should tell what they picked, but act it out until someone guesses.

After the emotion is guessed, call on students to give the emotion something that it needs (e.g. surprise might get a cake, anxiety a hug). The acting is precious and the answers always melt my heart! Feel free to play in teams or add other emotions to the mix.

The Circle of Belonging*

Students and teacher each bring a stone and sit in a circle. Put a hula-hoop on the floor in the middle of the group.

Place your own stone in the circle, and then invite students one by one to place their stones where they feel most comfortable.

Note where children place their stones (some might be outside the hoop or alone inside). Talk about belonging with the class.

Repeat this exercise every few months to see if there are changes.

Display the classroom stones if you have a place for them.
*from now-here Foundation, UK

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