What is Kids Constellations?

Kids constellations is a school based program designed to teach the principles of family constellations to children in school. Kids Constellations was created to help strengthen the social and emotional needs of children by introducing them to the principles of Family Constellations. Developed by Sharon Ruvane, an ASHA Certified Speech and Language Pathologist and a Family Constellations Facilitator, Kids Constellations began in Connecticut in 2012 as an after-school program. By 2014, teachers noticing positive changes in their students who had enrolled in Kids Constellations asked Sharon for classroom teaching tools. In response, our first book – “Hunch Discovers His Place in the Universe” – will be introduced this in 2018. Introducing the principles of Kids Constellations through “Hunch Bear” and his “GrandPaw,” content is geared to ages 5-8 and can be successfully used by teachers, whole school communities and parents.

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